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G. Strondl - FPV Drone Pilot


Giovanni Strondl is a London based FPV pilot specialising in Cinelifters: customised drone capable of carrying up to 2kg of load.
After graduating with his GVC certificate in 2020 through Flyby Technology, he started first working on 5" quadcopters, developing his skills by piloting drones with a modern style approach.
Despite being based in London, he has been travelling and working in Europe and Asia, producing reels and advertising solutions for resorts, casinos, and hotels around the globe.


Giovanni Strondl aims to produce high-end photo/video, FPV aerial coverages of events, advertising for upcoming businesses and documentary work for the new era of digitalisation.
The goal is not to provide cheap productions, but quality media Solutions for businesses which are looking to expand and appeal to this fast growing online market. 




Giovanni Strondl is operating Internationally, despite most of his clientele is based in the UK.

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